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The History Of 8-Bit Music


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Watch a discussion covering the past, present and future of chiptune music making.

We’re nerds about a lot of things—music, art, books and basically anything we love, really. If you’re gonna go in, go in hard. So when two of our favorite things combine, we get pretty excited about it. That’s why we dig on chiptune—the sounds of 8-bit video games crunched into melodic songs.

The above video presents a retrospective of chiptune music making. It captures a discussion taking place at the annual UK electronic music and tech conference, Synthesized. It’s a great watch that covers everything from the original 8-bit pioneers and the gear they used to the popularization of the form that led to chiptune festivals like 8Static and Superbyte and the modern-day artists they feature.

For some really new advances in chiptune, check out this sick 8-bit remixing and visualization “DUBCRT” cartridge here.

(Via Synthtopia)