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Holly Herndon Is Crowdsourcing A Post-Internet Database

As the internet has become the main music distribution mechanism in the world, artists have been plenty of experience using it as another tool. However, much of these works are visual, and there’s a lack of critical discourse around them. Holly Herndon and Jennifer Walshe want to change that: “In an effort to promote more critical writing, vocabulary development and analysis in our field, we are attempting to put together an archive of sound and music works dealing with the internet since its inception. We would like this to be a resource everyone can draw on.”

This database sounds like it could become a very important resource for future URL/IRL thinkers. You can help by adding your own works to the database.

Holly Herndon is an artist that works closely with the internet and some time ago we gave her 100 Euro to buy some stuff—check out what she bought.