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Are House And Techno Taking Down EDM In North America?

Mixmag contributor Brice Sopheris wants to know how his Facebook feed got infiltrated “by cool kids dressed in black, advertising music you would expect to hear in Berlin.” Being from North America, that must have felt a bit weird in 2015, when EDM was all the craze. But dance music culture in the US has always had ties to Europe, and now, in an ironic turn of events, EDM may be opening the door for the rise of house and techno across the Atlantic. “North American dance music might be coming of age,” Sopheris speculates. Of course, purists will argue that it’s always been there, it’s just (thus far) skirted the mainstream. What do you think? For more on the subject, see what a first-time Berghain experience feels like from an EDM perspective here.