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How To Make A David Lynch Film


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Today the brilliant David Lynch turned 70. In those many years, he’s crafted some of the finest, strangest movies ever to dance before our eyes—and some of the most haunting music of our age.

While few may not have the same flair for film making that Lynch has, many have been inspired by his work. If you’ve ever wanted to craft a Lynchian bit of celluloid, writer/director Joe McClean has the definitive guide for you. How to Make A David Lynch Film explores the intricacies of filming like a Twin Peaks Pro, done in a cheeky ’50s parody style that will appeal to fans and haters alike. In less than 10 minutes, you can learn all the tropes and tricks that will enable you to create something that will leave most of your friends shaking their heads in confusion while you look smugly on and tell them that they ‘just don’t get it’.