Producers Are Using AI To Make Terrible Country-Rap Music

Dr. Dre and Rhianna collaborator Alex Da Kid used IBM’s “Beat” technology to assist him in writing his awful new solo EP.

From writing Beatles-style pop hits to spitting out unique tunes on Twitter command, it’s fair to say that A.I. is the next frontier of music production. And the technology goes far deeper than just churning out melodies. For Alex Da Kid’s record, the IBM Watson’s algorithms, “collected music cultural trends over the last five years, including Nobel Prize speeches, Billboard song lyrics, movie synopses and more,” reports Engadget. The result? A bizarre country-rap hybrid that sounds like it came from some unspeakable, abominable other dimension.

Another Watson bot, “Tone Analyzer” examined two million lines of social media to research contemporary moods before studying musical trends like key, pitch and note sequence to provide “new musical scores based on moods like joyful or devastated, or an atmosphere like spooky or cheerful.” It compiled all this data into musical scores that seemingly coerced Alex Da Kid’s mind into contorting his mouth and fingers into obscure positions and formations that resulted in this BS.

Check out the whole terrible process behind “Not Easy” in the videos below. The future is terrifying.

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