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How To Include Country Music In A DJ Set

Sit a spell and let’s talk.

In an email to digitaldjtips, someone asked the following: “I play a small bar where Saturday nights are considered club night. I have been ask to play some country music during the evening. I am personally not a huge fan therefore do not know a lot about the genre. How should I go about throwing some country in my mix?”

While they left it up to their readers to sort out the answer, we wonder what our own think. There’s a lot of ways that this could go wrong, such as an ill-advised mashup or a horrible remix—take electroswing, the worst genre ever invented—but then again a little Johnny Cash dropped at peak-hour Berghain sounds…well, pretty awesome actually. Our advice: walk this line carefully and try not to blend too much. Unless you want to totally crash the crowd’s brains (which is fun at times) stay in line with the overall tone of what came before and know when the time is right.

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