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Inhale The Sound of Underground Vape Flavor

NYC’s Slippy Syrup make some of the finest and weirdest vape flavors in the realm, with tastes ranging from “Digital Cereal Milk” to collaborations with underground dons Pictureplane and Lil’ Ugly Mane. Recently the DIY brand released a slick, sick mix of some of their favorite cuts sliced up with odd samples and bits of audio. Outside of our recent David Bowie listening marathons, HoundSounds has been on our office speakers most of the last week. It should definitely be on yours, too, so go ahead and download it here.


Slippy Syrup staff Member Meeting Audio Transcript
D-Train–Keep On
Redman–Tonights The Night (EXPLICIT)
Mary Jane Girls–All night Long
Christina Aguilera–Genie in a bottle
Die Reihe–Ascetic House (SIDE A)
Akiko Yano-Rose Garden
Biz Markie-Vapors
Asa-Chang & Junray-影の無いヒト
Theme from Nekromantik 2 (The Wheel of Love)
16 Bit-Chainsaw Dub
Drip 133-Alright
Gene Pick–LCL X-2
Lil Ugly Mane-No Slack in My Mack (First Version)
Lamonte Young vs. Dr. Ispib Osnotkitchi
Crystal Waters-Gypsy Woman
Minnie Ripperton–Inside your love
Captain Goodvibes–Drivels of Babylon
Gordy Michael-Ladies
Slippy Syrup Choir Interlude
Djaimin – Open The Door (DJ Shorty’s Zanzibar Stomper Mix)
Schwarz-I luv the valley OH! (Xiu-XiuTrap Remix)
Dj Technics–He loves Me (Jill Scott Baltimore Club Remix)
Matmos-Last Delicious Cigarette
Riff Raff x Mike Will Made It-Syrup in My Soda
Iasos Iasos-Rainbow Canyon
More inspirational Moments from the Staff
Big Moe Ft Z-Ro & Tyte Eyez–City of Syrup