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Intel Is Going To Make You Stop Using Your Headphone Jack

This is going to be bad. Really bad.

Brace yourselves: Your favorite pair of headphones may soon be obsolete. All the major technology companies are ditching the trusty 3.5mm audio jack in favor of a jumble of proprietary digital outputs. The latest big tech giant to jump into the fray is Intel, who are throwing their hat in with USB-C as a potential way forward. This is in direct opposition to Apple who seem prepared to push Lightning as the standard for their full range of iPhones, iPads and other computer products. Basically, it’s a big headache. Prep yourself an Alka-Seltzer and read all about it on The Verge.

All this being said, it’s possible that a mass step towards digital sound could have positive side effects for audiophiles—built-in digital audio converters and preamps might make you realize your 128kbps MP3s sound terrible. Want to learn about some headphones that might soon be obsolete? Check out these luxurious earbuds. Are you totally insane? Then read all about how to get the purest electricity for your home audio rig.