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Is There Life After iTunes?

Apple’s longstanding music player iTunes is losing its core user base—and they don’t even care. It used to be super easy to maintain a decent mp3 collection in iTunes. It was joyful to tag and sort all those files, to scroll through an ever-growing list of new releases and rips. Those days are over. Since Apple decided to focus more on cloud-based streaming solutions and integration of the Apple Store, iTunes has been on a downward spiral and “power users” are leaving the ship. The software has become bloated over the years, with apps, podcasts and even ringtones forcefully inserted and stored right next to your music. (And let’s not forget that U2 album that suddenly showed up in everyone’s library.)

With all this in mind, Wired Magazine has compiled a list of “iAlternatives” to help re-route digital music collectors and offer some additional insight on iTunes’ fall from favor. Check it out here.