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It Looks Like Golden Pudel Will Be Foreclosed In April

Hamburg‘s legendary club Golden Pudel will be foreclosed (or zwangsversteigert, which translates to “forced auction”) in April as a result of ongoing legal and financial disputes between the building owners, Rocko Schamoni and Wolf Richter, reports The pair registered ownership of the building as a GbR in 2008 and established an arrangement whereby Schamoni owns the bottom floor of the building, which contains the nightclub, and Richter owns the cafe/restaurant upstairs. Trouble has brewed at least since 2014, when Schamoni instigated a court order to force Richter to open the books due to allegations that Richter wasn’t covering the costs he owed, and in April 2015 Richter canceled their joint contract. But there’s still hope that Golden Pudel, home to a stellar roster of resident DJs including MFOC and local hero Helena Hauff, will remain open, as Schamoni’s contract for the club space won’t run out for another 12 years. Furthermore, a group called “the freaks are alright” have already began campaigning against potential buyers.

UPDATE: A campaign has been started to buy the Golden Pudel Club!