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Jump on a Technicolor Hamster Wheel of Beat-Thuggery


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Us millennials have been making beats on iPads since we fresh in the crib. Now you’re twelve years old and those swung 909s are getting a bit old hat. Y’need a new app, stat! Chock full of color, preferably. Well get ready to jump on a technicolor hamster wheel of beat-thuggery. Begin your downward spiral into the heart of the dance with Patterning, a new drum sequencer from Olympia Noise Co. Circular sequencers are nothing new (hello The Octopus) but they’re a sure fire means to getting off the linear grid that’s kept your grooves on a leash for too long. You’d be surprised how many of your fav tunes were made on the humble tablet—give your new born a few weeks with Patterning and you’ll have child prodigy dramas unheard of since Martin Garrix.