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What Does Laser-Controlled Electronic Music Sound Like?


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Laser beams and electronic music, who could ask for anything more?

“Divider” is a light and music installation that shoots powerful red lasers through spinning PC cooling fans to trigger otherworldly sounds and rhythms.

And while that’s absolutely freaking cool in it’s own right, the work also explores some pretty complicated ideas, like Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

The project’s website states, “the work attempts to use the experimental language of art to bring up and describe the global issues—is the universe discrete? can we describe the universe with the language of energy, frequency and vibration—in accordance with the testament of Nikola Tesla?”

Whoa, consider our minds blown.

Watch a video of Divider in action above. Head over to its website for more information about this unusual experiment. For more futurism, check out this A.I.-controlled gamelan orchestra and this computer that can create emotional pop songs.