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Learn Your Electro History In This Vinyl-Only Mix

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It’s time you did your homework, son. Timed with the release of their brand new LP, The Capsule, Necro Deathmort have provided this sick mix for The Vinyl Factory which traces a broken line through the history of electro, which they describe as “in many ways…the purest form of electronic music: it’s uncompromisingly hard-edged and laser-focussed on the future, and yet you can dance to it.” Sounds alright by us, and that tracklist ain’t bad either!

01. Bruce Haack – ‘Party Machine’ (Stones Throw, 2010)
02. Jazzy Jay – ‘Def Jam’ (Def Jam, 1985)
03. Extra T – ‘ET Boogie’ (Sunnyview, 1984)
04. Anthony Rother – ‘Sex With The Machines’ (Kanzleramt, 1998)
05. Kraftwerk – ‘Computer Liebe’ (Kling Klang, 1981)
06. Cygnus – ‘Electronic Slave’ (Central Processing Unit, 2015)
07. Kraftwerk – ‘Nummern’ (Kling Klang, 1981)
08. Clarence – ‘Turbine’ (Warp Records, 1991)
09. Giorgio Moroder – ‘Utopia (Me Giorgio)’ (Oasis, 1977)
10. Elecktroids – ‘Perpetual Motion’ (Warp Records, 1995)
11. Drexciya – ‘Welcome To Drexciya’ (Underground Resistance, 1993)
12. Polygon Window – ‘Supremacy II’ (Warp Records, 1992)
13. Dopplereffekt – ‘Tetrahymena’ (Leisure System, 2013)
14. Vangelis – ‘I Can’t Take It Anymore’ (Polydor, 1981)
15. Nexus – ‘Technoid’ (Plink Plonk, 2001)
16. Brothomstates ‘ (Warp Records, 2001)

After listening, read Aux 88’s guide to Detroit Electro here.