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LISTEN: The First Recordings From Drexciya's James Stinson

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In recent years, Dutch institution Clone Records has been delivering the joys of the Drexciyan legacy to a new generation of listeners, many of whom either couldn’t afford or hadn’t heard of the Detroit wave jumpers. Next up in their extensive reissue program (which has been ably complemented by Tresor’s own rereleases) is a record that’s been rare as hens teeth, James Stinson’s first release, Hyperspace Sound Lab. Originally released under the Clarence moniker in 1991, Hyperspace Sound Lab predates Stinson hooking up with Gerald Donald to form Drexciya, and offers a glimpse into his own personal style in a nascent form. You’ll have to wait to early December to get your hands on the wax, but in the meantime you can check the clips via Clones’ Soundcloud and read our interview with Gerald Donald.