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Listen To A Megamix of DJ Crystl's Early Drum and Bass Pressure


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DJ Crystl is one of the forgotten heroes of golden era jungle and drum and bass between 1993 and 1998. Tracks like “Meditation” and “Warpdrive” were massive hits back in the day, but for reasons unknown to us DJ Crystl retired from music in the mid-90s, just when drum and bass started to cross over into the mainstream with producers like Goldie, Roni Size, Source Direct and Photek getting snatched up by major labels. Time to revisit the small but stunning musical legacy DJ Crystl has left behind with this two part mega mix, full of mind-melting breakbeat science, wide-eyed euphoria and lots of BASS!

DJ Crystl — Paradise — DeeJay
DJ Crystl — Meditation — DeeJay
MI5 — Experience — Lucky Spin
DJ Crystl — Warpdrive (Remix) — DeeJay
DJ Crystl — Inna Year 3000 — Force Ten
DJ Crystl — Crystlize — DeeJay
DJ Crystl — Your Destiny — DeeJay
DJ Crystl — Warpdrive — DeeJay
DJ Crystl — Inna Year 4,000 — Freakout Recordings
DJ Crystl — Let It Roll — DeeJay
DJ Crystl — Deep Space — DeeJay
DJ Crystl — Sweet Dreams — DeeJay

Law, the DJ responsible for these two mixes, did a few more mixed tributes to producers, notably Dillinja and Source Direct. You can find them here.