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When fresh Aphex Twin-related infotainment appears on the internet, we usually start our feed posts about it with a tongue-in-cheek comment about SEO paradise and “Richard D. James Does Something” headline jokes. Today we’re feeling a little more meta, so we wrote about how we usually write about that in order to write some extra words before we tell you that you can listen to every Aphex Twin album at the same time in the video above. This trick of layering a ton of songs by the same artist in a YouTube video is about as clever as the lede in this post; it’s happened to Skrillex and Nickleback as well. However, those mostly serve to illustrate how formulaic their songwriting is, while the Aphex Twin version sounds like an incongruous harsh noise anthem that fades into an ambient vibe. Stay tuned for our next post about Aphex Twin and/or Richie Hawtin. By the way, we do have substantial content about those guys. Just saying.