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Listen To An Unreleased 1997 Wu-Tang Clan Freestyle

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Wu-Tang is for the kids—now, and then.

In 1997, Wu-Tang really weren’t anything to fuck with. Wu-Tang Forever had just dropped, showcasing just how transgressive the  collective (already considered legendary) were willing to push their East Coast hip-hop sound. This 50-minute freestyle, recorded in London and freshly uploaded by London radio DJ Tim Westwood, is an incredible look back at a group at the peak of their talents. Having barely just touched down in the English capital, they’re clearly having the time of their lives; just listen to how gleefully nasty RZA, Ghostface Killah and the much-missed Ol’ Dirty Bastard (whose flow is just out of control on this) sound. It’s a brilliant artifact of drastic rap tactics, and you can download it for free above.