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LOL At This Unpacking Video For Headphones To Wear In Bed


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There comes a time in every music lover’s life when they will attempt to wear headphones while lying down. It’s a painful moment when said ML (music lover) realizes that the headgear greatly obstructs any attempt to sleep comfortably on one’s side, leaving the wearer with no other option than to lie on their back or stomach, which is also kind of uncomfortable because gravity might push those guys right off ur noggin. Little did we know that an Illinois company solved this problem in the 1970s with HearMuffs, headphones that are padded all over with pillows so that they’ll act as an extra pillow when the listener lies on his/her side. In the unpacking video above, a heavy-breathing man demonstrates that the 1970s packaging is a bitch to get off, and yep, they look silly—although the old ad below makes them look awesome.

HearMuffs Cover