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M.I.A And Skrillex Collaborate To Rap About Berghain Bouncer

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M.I.A raps about the infamous bouncer in her new video.

It’s refreshing to know that, despite major label disputes and big-name collaborations, M.I.A. hasn’t lost her focus.

Well, that’s at least what she’s assuring listeners in her new single “Go Off” from the forthcoming record AIM. Recorded with megabro, Skrillex, and Baltimore rapper, Blaqstarr, the song features some strong assurances, “Fans back home / Got my tracks bang on / Yeah you got it wrong / Cause my focus is so strong.”

And then she drops an odd curveball of a bomb by comparing said focus to Berghain bouncer Sven Marquardt’s (presumably he needs to concentrate pretty hard when he tells the unchosen ones to fuck right off.)  That line, in case you’re wondering is, “Yeah, I don’t lose focus like a German called Sven.”

Like all good rhymes this one seems to have some real metaphoric depth. How are we supposed to interpret it? Is it:

a) She has focus and Sven Marquardt doesn’t (that would account for Berghain letting too many tourists in these days.

b) She’s got the same type of focus that Sven Marquardt does.

c) She is actually referring to Sven Vath’s infamous lack of focus during a recent DJ set.

Watch M.I.A. turn her focus to environmental issues in another video here.

(via Thump Germany)