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Make Your Own '80s Video Game Music With Korg's New Synth


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Now you can conjure the sounds of the smoke-filled arcades of your youth from the comfort of your iPhone.

Memories of a summer spent at a mall arcade in 1986: The smoke in the air. The jingle of coins in your pocket. The pizza grease still on your fingers. The warm, mind-melting glow from the cathode ray screen. And, of course, the unmistakable aural jigsaw puzzle of competing video game soundtracks…

You can never go back to those days, but you might find some solace in the form of Kamata, a new chiptune synth for Korg’s Korg Gadget app for iPhone and iPad. Developed in conjunction with video game juggernaut Bandai Namco, it lets you return to the arcade sounds of yore via an emulation of the waveform sound generator chips found in many classic ’80s coin-op games.

Kamata is avalable as an in-app purchase for Korg Gadget. Both are available now in the App Store. Watch a trailer for the synth above.

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