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Make Your Own Chiptune Classics With This 8-Bit Synthesizer


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You’ll be crafting Legend of Zelda -style classics in no time with this high-on-nostalgia chiptune synth.

It’s hard sometimes not to lust after the endearing simplicity and heart-warming sincerity of old school NES and Commodore games. I mean, when you can snipe a dude on the other side of the world’s face off with a weapon bought on the black market in scarily-real, HD pomp, sometimes it’s nice to return to the sandbox of fantasy with an Italian plumber trying to find a princess abducted by a mean turtle.

The same drive might be behind Arcano Systems‘ Obscura 8-bit Chiptune Synth 2, specifically designed to recreate both NES and Commodore 64-style sounds. Although it looks rather fragile, apparently all you need to do is plug in MIDI and play without any extra programming. It also includes extra waveforms, deeper vibrato and a faster arpeggio frequency for when you want to rip out some real chiptune lunacy in your jams.

(Via FACT)