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Make Your Way To The Club In This New Game

Annoyed by people asking for the way to the club, Vienna’s Grelle Forelle took matters in their own hand and developed a club simulator. The fully playable game can be downloaded from their website. Thomas Waidhofer, who is a student at Angewandte Wien developed the game together with a team of media artists. It took a year to develop the game before it finally got released. “We made the game, because we and several other people often couldn’t find the way to the club,” he said, “So we decided to make a road map in our own way — by building a 3D world that is a portrayal of the many ways to the club, and the club itself.”

Download the game from the Grelle Forelle website. For some more insight into Vienna’s nightlife, check out Jonas Vogt’s take on the closing of Pratersauna—one of the city’s most important venues.