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Manta's "Etra" Is Dystopia To Dance To

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Portugal’s Manuel Carvalho serves a deep dish of lucid techno with a creamy topping of smart takes on “the perception of time, disorientated experience” and other intellectual concepts on his second LP. While musically influenced by the greats like Drexciya, Basic Channel and Moodymann, Manta’s discursive framework comes from writers J.G. Ballard and Italo Calvino—Etra is a humanist techno tale. Dystopia to dance to, Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project with strobes.

One of our favourite tape outposts, London’s Where To Now? is the perfect home for Manta. Meanwhile, they’ve branched out to turn the label into a full fledged vinyl left-field club rager outlet. Preorder the physical record here.