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Stream This Medieval DJ Mix Of Bygone Party Bangers


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Transport yourself to the Middle Ages with “the most rhythmic, upbeat, party medieval music out there, put together in a mix.” (This is according to YouTube user VacnaPaul, who assembled this masterpiece.) Check out the tracklist below and get vibing. Or, for a slightly more modern approach to partying, check out this acid megamix.

La Suite Meurtriere – Vox Vulgaris
La Segonda retroencha – Martin Best Medieval Ensemble
Salterello [I] – Instanpitta
Rokatanc – Vox Vulgaris
Rassa, tan creis e monta e poia – Martin Best Medieval Ensemble
Salterello -Trotto [II] – Instanpitta
Spanish Bombs – Vox Vulgaris
Au Temps D’auost – Martin Best Medieval Ensemble
Amarcatu – Os Trabucos
Odisete – Os Trabucos
Tempus transit gelidum – Martin Best Medieval Ensemble
Esek Bayrami – Vox Vulgaris