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Meet The New World Record Holder For Longest DJ Set Ever


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DJ Obi has broken the world record with a marathon 229 hour set!

If you think those “marathon” eight-hour closing DJ sets at Berghain are the stuff of legend, then you should give some serious props to this guy. DJ Obi is the new record holder for performing the world’s longest DJ set. The Nigerian DJ spun for 229 hours straight at Sao Cafe in Lagos. In doing so, he beat the previous record held by DJ Norbert Selmaj in 2014 who performed for 200 hours at Dublin’s Underground Temple Bar.

He pulled himself through the extended after-hours set with a combination of two hour rest periods (presumably that’s when you put on Wolfgang Voigt’s Gas) and a vitamin regime administered by a medical team. Obi nevertheless started hallucinating from serious sleep deprivation at the five day mark. As Dancing Astronaut reports, “I woke up hallucinating after 4 or 5 days and had lost full control of my body…I used the loss my father as an inspiration, constantly thinking to myself that my dad was watching me and would be disappointed if I failed.” (That is very similar to the feeling of being at Berghain for multiple days, and also very different.)

DJ Obi’s set was performed with Serato with the rules stipulating that no song was allowed to be played twice in the same four hour span. He ended the epic set with a rather apt track, Drake’s “One Dance.” That’s one long single dance.

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