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Modular Expert Weighs In On East/West Synthesis Debate


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Learn about the cosmos in your synth with modular brain Tony Rolando.

The West Coast vs East Coast synthesis debate has raged since the late ’60s. Beyond the clear cultural and academic contexts involved in the divergent evolution of the two synthesis techniques, there were a whole lot of difficult electrical engineering aspects involved as well. Who better to explain these huge (albeit minuscule in size) details like LEDS, transistors and patching philosophies than Tony Rolando, then? Rolando made a massive splash in the modular resurgence when he launched his Make Noise systems for the eurorack format. Schooled in all things modular, the above 30-minute presentation is a sick insight into the amazing world of modulars for beginners and professionals alike.

For further clarification on the intricacies of the two synthesis schools, read on here. Then get some ideas from this sick mix by West Coast titan Suzanne Ciani.