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"Move Next To A Club? Deal With The Noise." - A Local DJ

This DJ’s rant is an inspiring call to arms against party poopers worldwide.

It’s a familiar story that seems to happen in cities around the world: Some jagoff decides to build a condo complex right next to a beloved music venue, prompting multiple jagoffs to move into the neighborhood. The problem, of course, is that said jagoffs have a problem with said beloved music venue. This usually results, unfortunately, in noise complaints, civic action and, eventually, the closure of the beloved music venue.

Everyone hates the jagoffs that do this. And now, finally, everyone has a voice in the form of DJ Timbee from Northbridge, Australia. Apparently he’s had it up to here with the complainers who willingly move into nightlife districts and then submit noise complaints. “Do you know what grinds my gears like almost nothing else? People who move into a nightclub district and then seek to start active campaigns against the venues around them,” he wrote in a post on Facebook. We honestly hate that too. Read the full rant below:

*RANT*. Do you know what grinds my gears like almost nothing else? People who move into a nightclub district and then seek to start active campaigns against the venues around them.

Northbridge has seen the closure of a number of venues as residential rate payers out number the voting power of venues more than 10 fold. They seek to actively target and destroy a community which was there long before these whinging yuppies took up residence in a completely inappropriate location.

Some of the excuses I have heard over the last 5 years while working in clubs, excuses coming from tenants in the heart of Northbridge include:

– “my children need to be able to sleep”. No. Here’s an idea, don’t move you and your family next to Metro City? Who’d have thought raising 5 children in an apartment on James st would create family conflict?

– “I should be able to sleep with my balcony door open in peace and quiet of a weekend”. No, you shouldn’t. You relinquished your right to complain about noise when you sought out a lease next to a famous nightspot. Unless you are a special sort of moronic ninny, I have to assume that you were aware that your property backed onto a bar or nightclub and it didn’t just appear one day as you were watching channel-7’s Sunrise while eating your almond-milk paleo gluten free porridge.

This image shows residents near Jack Rabbit, a club / building which has roots going back to the 90s (pre-dating any residential complex, from the days of the Post Office). It shows the residents starting an active campaign against the venue next to them. People who were not previously annoyed by the sound would likely see this and then think “you know what, yes, it should be quiet in Northbridge” and climb on the wanker-wagon until Jack Rabbit and every other venue in Northbridge is either closed or begins trading under a silent disco model. This isn’t on

In some states rules apply to people moving into a nightspot area and the venues are not subjected to the sort of fascicle we deal with in WA. In the wise words of Chris Crocker, “Leave Northbridge Alone!”. Stand up and support your Northbridge.

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