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Munich’s New Techno Club Is Banning Cell Phones

Blitz has issued a statement imploring its guests to “engage with each other for real on the dance floor.”

It was recently revealed that a new 600-capacity techno club, Blitz, is due to open in Munich’s  former Deutsches Museum. The venue boasts two dance floors, a custom-made VOID sound system and a meticulously designed acoustic space. What’s more, Munich’s techno mainstays Zenker Brothers have already been locked in as residents.

It sounds like the perfect party environment, and Blitz doesn’t want you to miss out on it by constantly checking your phone. In a statement posted to Facebook yesterday, the club organizers announced, “We dream of creating a place where we can all dance together in an intimate, safe and real environment and listen to music. For this reason, we decided to introduce a strict ban on phones from the dance floors.” While no further details have emerged, the owners’ call to “leave the virtual realm” implies that phones will not be allowed while dancing at all—a policy that goes beyond Berghain’s already strict no photography protocol. You can experience the ban in action for yourself when Blitz opens on April 22.

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