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Neil Landstrumm Calls Tresor Retrospective Insulting


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The Scottish producer asks why Tresor won’t acknowledge its UK contributors.

There was a controversy brewing when Tresor announced the lineup for its 25 Years Festival earlier this year. Over four days, Tresor was swarming with legendary techno artists and DJs past, present (and future), all paying homage to the label and nightclub’s legacy as one of the most innovative and influential out there. Well, except for one problem: there was a rather glaring omission. British musicians like Christian Vogel, Neil Landstrumm, Tobias Schmidt and Dave Terrida who made the label home to their wonky and schizo techno cuts during the mid-to-late ’90s were nowhere to be seen.

Neil Landstrumm has finally broken the silence on this issue. Speaking to the Nationalhe has described the lack of recognition for the micro-movement within the label’s swelling roster as “insulting”:

“Tresor have been very good to me over the years, but for all of us to have been ignored for the Tresor 25 thing was creatively insulting, to be honest. We sold so many records for them and we were a completely integral part of the label for several years. I represented the Tresor brand in New York when I lived there and took it to places like Buenos Aires and Santiago, and Dave Tarrida did the same thing in Tokyo. So it’s very, very strange to find us all being left out like this.”

Tresor may not have paid homage to the label’s forgotten UK techno legacy, but we at EB sure did. Check out 10 track’s from that rowdy legacy here. Here’s footage from outside of Tresor’s original Leipziger Straße location.