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New Device Helps Venues Create Phone-Free Spaces

A new device called Yondr helps artists and venues remain autonomous—and somewhat secret—by blocking smart phone function. The idea is simple: as you enter the venue, you place your phone in one of the Yondr cases provided. The case automatically locks once you pass a designated point, and unlocks once you leave it. No more awful, blown-out iPhone recordings for ten people to like on Instagram, no more ocean of lights removing a sense of intimacy and mystery from your setting, no more missing half a concert because the person in front of you feels the need to hold their phone up in front of your face the entire time. With this highly connected world getting more obnoxious with every selfie you take at shows, clubs, festivals, funerals, and anywhere else, watch for more ventures like this one to spring up. We certainly will be.

Some artists, like Dan Deacon, actually integrate smart phones into their live shows—more on that here.