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A New All-Female Festival—Heroines Of Sound—Starts In Berlin

The Heroines Of Sound Festival will showcase women’s contributions to the history of electronic sound from December 8-10.

Electronic, experimental and avant-pop artists including Cathy Berberian, Lucrecia Dalt and Perera Elsewhere will play a new, all-female festival in Berlin this December. Heroines Of Sound will host a series of concerts, installations, performances, videos and discussions at Berlin’s HAU 2, with two lead-up events scheduled at Ausland (November 6) and Acud Macht Neu (November 17). The three-day celebration focuses on women who have contributed to the canon and development of electronic sound, which is a slight deviation from the many dance music-oriented all-female lineups we’ve seen this year. But will it end techno sexism for good like Lilith Unfair?

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