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A New Turntable Design—Without The Platter

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The Atmo Sfera might be the world’s first turntable without a platter. The record spins in the air without generating friction. The company describes the secret behind it:

“Imagine the turntable (EVERY turntable) as a gigantic spring; more the weight, the dimension etc. more the spring. Every spring squeezes itself to absorb energy and so does the turntable; then it releases that energy causing buzzes, noises and muddiness in the audio range. The simplest method the vast majority of the turntable designers use to avoid this is to add a huge mass, so: heavier platters, heavier turntable plinths and so on.”

They currently run a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the production of this revolutionary machine.

If you like weird turntable designs, check out how Graham Dunning manipulates records and turntables here.

(via The Vinyl Factory)