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Nina Kraviz Calls Out Narrow Minded Australian Techno Nerds

“Music is about freedom of expression.”

Nina Kraviz is currently in Australia for a run of shows with Marcel Dettmann and Bjarki — pretty serious techno lineup, right? Apparently not for a select few at smalltown’s Melbourne beach party, who thought Kraviz’s closing set wasn’t “techno enough.” We presume her detractors are connoisseur’s of techno’s many eras and movements whose experience trumps Kraviz’s numerous credentials, such as playing around the globe, running one of the most successful electronic labels out and recording mixes for some of the most respected techno mix series in dance music.

In any case, Kraviz was riled up enough to respond via a Facebook post in which she details her ideas of expression and the necessity of a broad appreciation of music (an apparently unintelligible concept to those enlightened partiers). Nina goes on to say:

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it definitely takes some time, experience and knowledge to form one.

“I grew up with a slightly different concept about music as one big sonic space with everything wired into each other. Following this concept the bridge between techno and disco is very short. On top of that I believe that music is about freedom of expression and a perfect tool to connect people of a different kind.”

“I personally always loved less obvious or predictable sonic landscapes because the unknown was always more attractive to me than what I already have experienced. I always loved Laurent Garnier for this exact reason and for his ability to connect with music.

“On this positive note I would like to send my warmest greetings to those who appreciate me for being myself. And those who don’t understand what I am doing – thank you for stopping by.”

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