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This Payphone Is Actually A '90s Boombox

The ’90s called, and it desperately wants your nostalgia.

Instructables has just laid out the plans for what might be the most retro ’90s device ever created: a coin-operated payphone that blasts out authentically lo-fi recordings of period-appropriate pop tunes. It’s a simple but fun device that rings whenever someone walks by. Once the receiver is picked up, a recorded voice prompts the person to choose a song code from an attached flip book of ’90s classics that includes some Eurodance classics by Technotronic, Alice Deejay, Rednex and the Vengaboys. With one punch of a digit, the phone flips over to provide a very tinny sounding broadcast mode.

We’re not exactly sure why someone would choose to make something like this, but we’re glad they did. Watch a video of it in action below. Want to make one for yourself? All you need is a payphone, some Arduino gear and about a handful of other relatively obscure parts…


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