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Peaches And Chilly Gonzales Get Animated

Peaches helps Chilly to cross over to the “other side, where music is a more naturalistic, emotional release.”

If you didn’t know better, it may feel like a product of one of those “strangest musical collaboration pairings” games you might play, but it turns out Chilly Gonzales and Peaches have made some damn fine music together over the years. Despite Chilly coming from a “brainy” jazz-fusion background, and Peaches channeling visceral, raw power in whatever she does, the two Canadian musicians nailed on tracks like “Red Leather”. The cool story behind their first meeting and jam session has been animated as part of Red Bull’s The Junction series. Chilly and Peaches both narrate how they broke down one another’s musical preconceptions, leading to a sound bigger than both of their individual elements. Check it out below.

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