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"Pink Noises" Showcases Women In Electronic Music

As anyone who’s spent any amount of time in the industry will tell you, being a woman in music isn’t easy. Underrepresentation is one problem slowly being eroded by journalists, photographers, and fellow artists like analog composer and educator Tara Rodgers. Her 2010 book Pink Noises celebrates the female face of electronic music, brings together twenty-four interviews with the likes of Le Tigre, DJ Rekha, Bevin Kelley, Jessica Rylan and many more.

The interviews are beautiful and in-depth, offering insight into these artist’s relationships with their training, gender representations in mainstream media, designing their own programs and analog gear and other topics any woman young or old might encounter in their artistic field. The book also offers a variety of resources for further musical education and research.

You can buy Pink Noises here, or read a PDF preview here.