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Pioneer Is Reinventing DJing With This Controller


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Introducing the big bertha of DJ controllers.

Pioneer has just announced what looks to be the be-all-end-all of DJ controllers. The DDJ-RZX boasts two CDJs and a mixer plus three three! built-in touchscreens for ultra-convenient track browsing and beat-matching. And that’s not all: this vinyl shredder also comes with simplified sample triggering, noise generation and modulation of its built-in oscillator sample.

Pioneer has long been the industry standard when it comes to CDJs, and this new club-friendly instrument seems poised to let anyone get into advanced digital dj techniques with ease. It’s a controller with serious mass-market appeal. A quick glance at the full feature list reveals an “active censor” function that cuts out explicit words during playback. This makes it the perfect controller for your church meet-up. It retails at €2,999 by the way. Eeek.

Watch the video introduction above. You can read about how Pioneer wants to change festival DJing here.