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A Prince Album Is The Most Expensive Record Sold On Discogs

On the weekend a super rare promo double LP of Prince‘s 1987 The Black Album sold for a remarkable 15,000 $ on Discogs. That makes it the most expensive record ever sold on the platform. The record was previously held by a David Bowie record which sold for 6,826 $. The Black Album was planned to be released under the title The Funk Bible, but Prince decided to pull the record a week before it’s release and just a few promo copies were sent out. The record got properly released through Warner Brother’s in 1994 – the lucky few who got a copy of the first run were asked by Warner to trade it in for the official release. Who could have known back then that they just gave away a highly collectible item.

Bonus: You can win a Prince VHS we just unearthed from the depths of the Electronic Beats offices by commenting under this Facebook post.

prince_vhs copy

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