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Protests Against Sydney's Lockout Laws Swell; Prime Minister is Ousted

In February of 2014, officials in Sydney, Australia moved to implement nightlife curfews to curb an influx of “alcohol-fueled violence.” The new laws, which have been called “draconian” by their many opponents, require bars and clubs to cut off re-entry at 1:30 AM and stop serving at 3 AM. Locals allege that the crackdown has only succeeded in displacing alcohol-related violence to neighboring areas while disenfranchising business owners and promoters, not to mention the community at large. This weekend drew thousands to Sydney’s Hyde Park, where Reclaim the Streets had organized a daytime rave and protest, and international DJs like The Black Madonna tweeted their support. For an explicit breakdown of the policy, head here. We’re in touch with friends in Sydney who will provide on-the-ground coverage for us as soon as possible.

In more news from Australia, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has apparently just been ousted. Find out more here.

Image: Michele Mossop