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Get An '80s House Overload With These Classic Cologne Mixes

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These mixes will take you back to the ’80s house scene of Cologne.

Here’s a nice reminder that Berlin—despite its current status as a mecca for international club culture—wasn’t always the beating heart of everything house and techno in Germany. Especially not during the genre’s formative years in the late ’80s. Back then underground clubs in cities like Hamburg and Cologne lead the way when it came to house and early techno.

And now, thanks to this archive of live DJ mixes, liner notes and photo galleries, you can travel back in time to Cologne’s Rave Club. From 1988 and 1989, DJs Claus Bachor and Roland Casper reigned supreme, and you can hear it in these refreshing old-school mixes.

If that doesn’t satisfy your appetite for house sounds, then you can check this archive of mixes from Hamburg’s infamous Front club—a spot active during the German proto-house era that spanned from 1983 to 1986.