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Read A Comic By Legendary Detroit Techno Illustrator Alan Oldham

The illustrations accompanied Richie Hawtin’s 1992 classic, Overdrive.

In 1992, Richie Hawtin released his hardcore banger, Overdrive, on his legendary Plus 8 Records imprint under the name F.U.S.E. It came out on flexi disc and was packaged in a 20-page comic about Detroit techno designed by Alan Oldham. The artist worked closely with Djax-Up Beats in Holland, and later, with Kevin Saunderson on his artwork for KMS Records and with Derrick May on his graphics for Transmat. The graphics reflect the sci-fi imagery that Oldham became known for in all of his artwork and in his productions under the moniker DJ T-1000. Check out the first few panels below and read all 20 pages of the comic here. Check out more work by Oldham here. Scroll on to hear a podcast by Alan Oldham on EB.Radio.

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