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Angry Fan Makes Frank Ocean Album—And It's About Harambe

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Because who really needs a new Frank Ocean album when Harambe can live forever?

Last Friday was a pretty bad day for Frank Ocean fans. That date will be remembered as the sad day when his long-awaited third album, Boys Don’t Cry, didn’t drop as expected. Needless to say, a lot of people were very disappointed. One such person was Reddit user “JJ from Apple”, who decided to channel his frustration into a 32-track response album titled Boys Do Cry.

The record is predictably pretty critical of Ocean’s procrastination. Stranger though are its long segues about Harambe, a gorilla that was converted into a meme sensation when it was tragically shot at the Cincinatti Zoo in May.

Listen to Boys Do Cry above. If you’re still waiting for Frank Ocean’s album, then click here to get a text when the record drops. Listen to these other fan-made Frank Ocean covers here. Or listen to Frank Ocean covering Radiohead here.