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There Are More Narcissists Making Music Than Ever Before


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Is your favorite musician a narcissist? Statistically speaking, the answer is yes.

If trends in music are a pretty good index  to analyze cultural change, then new research suggests that we are living in an era of narcissism!

Psychology professors at the University of Michigan-Dearborn have recently published research looking at the song lyrics of popular music from the last three decades. Their research uncovered a narcissistic turn.

As the Pacific Standard has detailed, the researchers used computer code that, “looked for examples of eight categories of self-promotion, including referring to oneself by name and demanding respect,” they found that compared with earlier years, tracks produced in 2010 contained more obvious forms of bragging. This included increased likelihood of self-reference, “general self-promotion, and bragging about wealth, partner’s appearance, or sexual prowess.”

Yikes. Stop looking in the mirror guys!

Luckily for all you humble, normal people out there, music isn’t a universal language. Find out more about that here.

(via Neatorama)