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Science Says Trance Is Good For Test Tube Babies

Russian scientists are exploring trance’s positive effects on embryos.

Remember all those times you were told that listening to trance 24 hours a day was bad for you? Well it turns out all those naysayers were only half right.

Research conducted at the Altravita IVF clinic in Moscow has found that playing trance music to eggs in test tubes increased the number of viable embryos by nearly a fifth. Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance (classic choice!) was played to 758 eggs at 80 decibels for 24 hours a day. In comparison to those eggs subjected to mere silence, the research team found the trance eggs were not only more likely to turn into embryos, but also much more likely to develop into the stage in which they could be implanted.

Scientists speculate that vibrations created by trance created similar conditions to those found in the womb immediately after conception. Draw the next conclusion if you dare.

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(Via Mixmag)