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Ricardo Villalobos Confuses Ravers at His First NYC Gig


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Minimal tech-house icon and one of underground dance music’s biggest stars, Ricardo Villalobos, has played all over the world since 1999—except the United States. According to event listings on RA, in 2011 he played two gigs in a single day in Detroit, a popular stopover for European legends who influenced house and techno in America and abroad. This weekend he returned for his second Stateside gig at New York’s Time Warp festival, so we turned to social media to see how it’s going over there. Twitter is flooded with posts about how the set is amazing or shit, music scribe Michaelangelo Matos is relaying his track IDs to Twitter and Instagram has plenty of short videos that give a glimpse of the vibe. Below we’ve listed the best report-so-far, which comes from Brooklyn’s ubiquitous, mysterious and thorough underground party live-tweeter Dance Bitch. If you were there and want to give us a more detailed live review, do holler at us—especially you, Dance Bitch.

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