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Richie Hawtin Awarded Honorary Doctorate

Richie Hawtin has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Huddersfield in the UK for his “outstanding contribution to the world of music technology.” The pioneering DJ and producer behind the Plus 8 and M_nus labels has collaborated with music software companies as Native Instruments, Ableton and Subpac and played an instrumental role in the development and digital DJ technologies like Final Scratch and his own Liine software. Hawtin also masterminded the ENTER. and CONTAKT club concepts and the music technology platform CNTRL, which he has toured around university music programs in the US. His first new album under his legendary Plastikman alias, EX, was recorded at New York City’s Guggenheim and released last year. Also check out our special hour long Slices documentary Richie Hawtin – Pioneers of Electronic Music from 2006 here.