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Shamanic "Invocations" from 1/2 of Akkord

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As one-half of Akkord, Liam Blackburn helps shape vicious, iron-clad music that often sounds dredged from the deepest void. His new solo project Ancestral Voices, on the other hand, feels drawn from the aether. A beautiful slab of gossamer-textured ambience, Blackburn’s debut LP Night of Visions leans heavily on the mystic side: the whispers of bells, the drone of ancient Earth magicks, the pulse of skin drums, the hum of psychick energies being driven to esoteric purposes—this is a record for ritual listening.

Woven from the incense-laden air of slumbering temples, “Invocations” weaves down a serpentine path of clanging metallics and lowing winds, sweeping through mental space and into spiritual. It could be our favorite track on the album—lucky us, then, that we have the premiere above. Sink in to another realm of vision.

Night of Visions is out November 27th on Samurai Music Group; preorder it here. Be sure to catch Samurai label owner DJ Presha at OHM December 12th—it’s going to be intense!