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Shiver Me Timbers! Are Pirate Sites Killing Dance Music?

Is your favorite music site legit? Or is it run by dance music hating pirates?

The already embattled music industry is yet again facing off against the bane of its existence, pirates. Here in our internet port of Berlin, we’ve heard tell via cyber sea shantys and think pieces that there’s a new armada of evil privateers afloat in the digital seas, and they’re affecting dance music in a real bad way.

The BBC reports that pirates are now creating web stores and streaming sites that look legit, but are, in fact, illegal operations offering things like leaked promos, complete artist discographies and access to special DJ charts. What’s worse, these sites often offer a far better deal than their legal alternatives, like Spotify and Apple Music. For one low fixed-fee, customers can get all the music they want, in any genre they want and in multiple high-quality audio formats.

Sounds great, right? Well, think about it this way: when you visit these sites, you’re putting money into a system that perpetuates piracy, instead of helping to improve services like Spotify, Apple Music and Beatport that actually treat their artists right and who have the consumer’s well-being in mind.

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