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Slovakian Mayor Saves Bratislava Clubs By Not Signing Curfew

The petition to enforce a new 10 p.m. curfew on nighttime businesses in Bratislva’s city center will not pass because the mayor refuses to sign the bill.

Earlier this week, news broke that members of a local assembly in Bratislava, Slovakia had passed a proposal that would force businesses in the center center, also known as the Old Town, to close by 10 p.m. or take their nighttime activities to boats or basements. The new measure was met with vocal dissent from locals, who quickly scheduled a protest for Friday night. However, it seems that there will be no need to assemble tomorrow night, because Radoslav Števčík (pictured above)—the mayor of Bratislava’s Old Town—announced yesterday that he will not sign and thereby approve a new regulation stipulating early closing hours for pubs, bars and other nighttime venues in the area.

While the drama in Bratislava was so far short-lived, struggles with local governments against lockouts and other restrictions continue in London and Sydney.