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Think You Know Techno? This Wall Of Mixes Proves You Don't

Ah the internet: information overload; concentration depletion; a collective experience of FOMO no matter how many tabs of new DJ mixes or youtube videos lie open in your browser. Gotta love it! And now all your favorite online character traits can be merged with your love of techno thanks to this classy Techno Legends wall. Think of it like a techno hall of fame.

It serves up legendary mixes from all the genre’s major figures: Underground Resistance, Robert Hood and Ricardo Villalobos without needing 30 internet tabs open (and the constant battle to see which tab is playing). Now, you can click, listen for 5 minutes and move on again, just like you always wanted from the internet :):)

Read further about the story of two techno legends, Stacey Pullen and Derrick May, here.